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Who Benefits from moving to Intact?

All divisions, from the top management, to the finance department, the IT Department and the end-user have to benefit from using the all-in-one IntactiQ Business Management Software.
Business Software for Top Management

Get all the divisions and functions of your business pulling together coherently and get an end to end view of your business.

Whether you are a CEO of a small, medium or large company, it is critical that you have visibility into your company’s performance and its individual business units on a daily bases. In order to increase profits, reduce costs, and find ways to grow your business you need to continually have a finger on the pulse of all aspects of your company.

Here’s why you need Intact ERP Software…

Instant access to vital information with minimal effort
Through the use of scheduled reports, predefined triggered alerts and customised dashboards, Intact pushes information out to you so you don't have to miss a thing. Whether it’s the value of orders on the system or this week’s total invoices, we make it easier for you to keep on top of things and filter information right down to the critical data you need.

    A single source of consistent, reliable data from a centralised database
    Using a centralised database system, Intact facilitates and improves data access, retrieval and the sharing of information between the various divisions within your organisation. For you, it means a clear and accurate view of your company’s activities, every time. Know who is doing what, how your sales reps are performing, the value of returns, the value of unbilled purchase orders and other critical business indicators such as cashflow, debtors, creditors etc.

      Commercially, Intact offers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and the quickest ROI
      Our all-in-one package not only provides you with all the business management software you’ll ever need but it is financially justifiable; competing favourably against our rivals on features and functionality, winning on the speed and ease of implementation. You get Financials, Ordering Processesing, Stock Control, Credit Control, CRM, Marketing & Business Intelligence all included in a single package along with numerous system-wide features that enable you to micro-manage your business. We also offer cost-effective maintenance and support services.

        Manage staff the easy way
        Keeping up with what is going on within your business can be difficult and time-consuming.  Intact allows you to customise menus, assign different roles, set up user access levels etc to ensure you have an eagle-eye view on the actions of each assigned staff member. It also enables you to better delegate tasks or actions. You know who can do what, enable what they can see and do, set up restrictions etc.  This ensures your staff are doing what they should be doing and gives you the peace of mind that they can’t see things like cost prices or sell below a certain margin or over-discount an item.  
        Finance Department

        Expand the flow of information, increase accuracy & compliance, improve automation and financial reporting/analysis

        As the CFO, we understand the level of responsibility that lies with you; from the overall financial health of the company to reviewing organisational processes, satisfying legal requirements and managing finance staff.  You also need to be able to gather intelligence on the business and deliver it accurately, quickly and as required.

        Here’s why you need Intact ERP Software...  

        Information when you want it
        In a rapidly changing and fast paced business environment, you need information faster than ever before and presented to you in an easy to use format.  The ease in which you can access information from Intact ensures you have the capacity to guide your organisation in the right direction. Intact will do everything you have done before but with a lot more ease and speed.

        • Reports can be automated and emailed to you
        • Access on-screen management reports quickly and easy with full drill down capabilities availabe
        • Information can be shown on screen and exported to excel in an easy to read format
        • You can avail of live information without having to generate reports

        Use workflows to delegate tasks
        It is normal to get bombarded with information on a daily basis but instead of having to deal with the various issues as they come in, you can set up output rules to automatically send emails or notifications to the relevant people or department. For example, if you have a customer over their credit limit, your sales rep can get an alert to contact the customer rather than you having to contact them or email the sales rep to do it.  The amount of time you can save by creating workflows just like this are endless.

        Business intelligence
        You need measurability, transparency and benchmarks to help plan for and predict future performance.  You won’t need any other third party data mining tool with Intact as it has everything you need included.  There are many sources of immediate feedback that will provide you with more certainty and predictability.
        IT Department

        Connect people, eliminate multiple systems & improve operational efficiencies

        Your role can span far and wide but most of your efforts will centre around maintaining operational efficiencies, keeping costs down and satisfying both staff and customer needs. Keeping up with the latest technology is a challenge as the rate of change is fast and accelerating. Aging technologies may not only be affecting the smooth running of your business but could be making your life harder and making you work longer.

        Here’s why you need Intact ERP Software…

        Keep it simple with a single application
        Juggling multiple systems, various maintenance contracts and numerous providers is time consuming and expensive.  Intact simplifies all this by offering a single enterprise-wide system that runs your entire business.  In a single application it incorporates everything you need including financials, stock control, ePOS, Webshop, CRM, marketing and business intelligence. A single solution will free up space on your server which will in turn speed up your network.

        One stop shop for all your IT needs
        Intact Software can not only provide you with business management software you may never need to replace but, through your channel partner, can also offer you a full range of IT Services.  If you have a problem with your printers, software or infrastructure, you only have to make one call.  Take advantage of a free hardware audit where your channel partner will analyse your existing systems and recommend additions/upgrades that may be required.  Channel partners also offer hardware maintenance agreements. To protect your most precious resource, your data, we highly recommend you implement an adequate online back-up service from your channel partner.

        A single database
        Managing your network is much easier when you have only one instance of Intact on your server which is shared out to your clients.

        Automate manual maintenance
        Some manual maintenance tasks can be automated for increased efficiency.
        Designed with the End-User in mind

        Make the changeover to new software as easy as possible

        If you decide to implement new business software/erp system, a lot of your time will be spent selecting the right solution for your business.

        It is not unusual therefore to see many end-users being left out of the decision-making process even though they are the people who use the system on a daily basis.  This can often lead to the end-user rejecting the new system in favour of the familiarity of your existing system even if it is outdated or inadequate to meet your needs. We deal with end-user requirements on a daily bases so we know how important it is to ensure employees are comfortable, efficient, and productive in their new system.

        Here’s why you need Intact ERP Software…

        Ease of use
        Intact can be configured to replicate and improve end users' current processes and preferences.  With minimum disruption to existing processes, end user take-up of the new system is quick and stress free.

        Simplify end-user roles, processes and data entry
        The flexibility within the software enables each user to enhance their screens and menus so that they can carry out their tasks effortlessly

        My reporting
        The ‘My Reporting’ function gives end users quick access to any reports they require to carry out their job functions.  The ease in which end users can retrieve information relevant to their tasks ensures maximum efficiency.

        Customised Dashboards
        Every user of Intact has access to customised dashboards.  User specific information can be dynamically delivered to various roles or users so they can see all their relevant actions in one place.

        Our approach to satisfying the needs of every end user
        Through our hands on implementation methodology the end-user will only see the system when it is ready i.e. it has gone through testing, all changes have been made, their screens and menus have been replicated.  It is only then we bring them in for their training.  Here we go through exactly what they do and replicate or improve how they carry out their functions be it through key strokes or on-screens selections. This ensures the system's ease of use by all end users.
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