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A Total Solution For Your Business

If you are a Growing company from one to ten employees or an expanding more complex company of eleven to fiftly employees or even a large organisation of over 50 employees we have the solution for you.
Business software for new, advancing or fast growing businesses

When it comes to your business you don't have to miss out on the features & functionality generally only enjoyed by larger companies

A basic accounting software package is a good starting point for any business and can be enough in the beginning to get by.

It is when your team grows, your product line increases or your processes become more complex that these systems start to feel the strain.

Our software is different.  It has been built to flex and grow with your business whether you are a 1 user or 100+ multi-site user.  Best of all, it can do this without the need for costly system upgrades.

Business Software designed to make life easier

  • Run your entire business on a single solution that offers all the functionality you'll ever need including financials, credit control, trade counter, CRM, marketing, business intelligence and more.
  • Working from a centralised database system ensures all information is up to date and accurate and promotes data sharing across all departments.
  • Through the use of scheduled reports and triggered alerts, get instant access to the information you need on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, delivered to you faster.
  • By easily replicating and improving your current processes and end user preferences, make the move to new software as pain-free as possible. With minimum disruption to existing processes, staff take-up is quick and hassle free.
  • Improve workflows so the right people, get the right information at the right time.
  • Through customised end user menus and screens, simplify tasks & optimise productivity.
  • Secure the freedom to grow your business with software that has the flexibility to scale with future expansion.
  • There are no limits to the amount of transactions you can put on the system.
  • Get access to constant support and advice through our Dundalk office so you can achieve the results you want.  Our support charges continue to remain the lowest in the industry.

Whether you are choosing a solution for the first time or upgrading an existing system, we have the skills and experience to guide you every step of the way, from needs analysis to implementation to day to day operation and future growth.  We also guarantee minimum disruption and downtime.

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