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IntactiQ ERP Business & Accounting Software

With all your business processes integrated into a single application,  you can make substantial improvements to your business and ultimately,  your bottom line. Whether you are a wholesale or a retail company, whether you are in the service sector or in the construction industry, our software ensure that we can work with you to provide solutions which match your unique requirements.

All in one Business & Accounting System

INTACT Software has been developed since 1992 and plays a vital role in the business management of thousands of companies across the Wholesale, Distribution, Manufacturing, Service and Retail Industries.

INTACT is the Software of choice for companies who are looking to improve efficiencies through IT systems. Our Systems have been developed by working closely with Industry Leaders resulting in a feature rich software package at an affordable cost. Companies who use INTACT enjoy a distinct competitive advantage over their rivals through tighter business management and stock control. The system presents the opportunity to allow multiple users across individual sites to operate a solid and stable Stock and Business Management System.

Using Client Server Technology, the likelihood of data corruption or system failure is eliminated. The system boasts great speed and access both in operation and reporting.

  • Single product – Intact is a single solution, fully integrated across your entire business giving you the visibility and control you need to efficiently run your business.  No need for numerous third party applications like CRM, Business Intelligence, credit control or stock management features
  • Centralised Database - Connect people and processes  through a single, centralised database system.  Share real-time accurate  information across your organisation for increased productivity,  efficiencies and enhanced customer service.
  • Quick access to real-time data – So as not to miss any business opportunities and to aid improved decision-making, Intact has been developed to push information out to you so you don't have to go in search of it.  This gives you instant access to vital information with minimal effort.
  • Flexibility - Intact software is designed to be  changed, developed and moulded on the fly without costly programming.   We have always believed that our customers should not have to alter  their business processes solely to accommodate a software system.   
  • Future-proof – Intact adapts to your company’s growth, expansion plans and every changing need ensuring it continues to support your company’s future success in the long-term.  It may even be the last system you ever need to buy.
  • Easy to use business intelligence - Empower your employees to gain deep business insight and share information across your organisation by giving them the right information, in the right format, at the right time.  
  • Low total cost of ownership With all you need in a single package you not only ease the pain of managing and maintaining multiple, isolated systems but you save money, time and resources working with one service provider.

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