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Intact Features

A strong set of core financial modules together with a fully integrated stock control management and complemented with a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) & marketing, e-commerce, ePOS, job costing, mobile solutions and a state of the art business intelligence module make the IntactiQ a formitable contenter in the medium and large sized companies' sector.

For real-time visibility and control, you need Intact's integrated Financials module

The Intact Financials module contain all the traditional functionality you would expect in a business management software package. What makes it different is the additional features you get as standard – workflows, dashboards, schedule reporting, security policies, complete audit trails and a whole lot more. So alongside a strong set of core financials, Intact gives you the ability to closely monitor and manage every aspect of your business.

Complete financial and managerial reporting

  • Streamline your accounting and finance processes
  • Improve your financial and managerial reporting
  • Get more accurate and accessible financial information
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance
  • Get a true and complete financial picture
  • Aid better strategic planning and analysis
  • Improve cash flow and liquidity
Fully integrated order management & stock control software

From raising a quotation, issuing an order and ensuring stock availability to despatching goods and creating invoices, Intact Commercials has it all

The Intact Commercials module can deliver significant automation of your order processing procedures combined with efficient and intelligent stock management.

With Intact you can considerably speed up your data order entry through highly configured data entry screens.  And, with screens configured to be easy to use, an exceptional product search facility and accurate stock information, your staff can achieve a lot more with less effort; resulting in better customer service.

Complete Order Management Software

  • Customise individual end user screens to suit their respective roles and accelerate adoption.
  • Speed up data order entry with screens configured to be easy to use, requiring the minimum about of key strokes.
  • Create effective and easy to manage workflow scenarios to implement controls and authorisations.
  • Avoid overstocking/stock-outs with our stock replenishment review facility.
  • Tight implementation of your credit control policies will minimise bad debts.
  • Exceed customer expectations with accurate, real-time stocking
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Marketing

Maintain and enhance your customer, supplier and prospect interactions with Intact Customer Relationship Management & Marketing Manager

Customer Relationship Management is an essential part of modern-day business management. Intact iQ's Customer Relationship Management module is not simply a contact management system but a complete marketing tool for your business.

If you have the CRM strategy, Intact can facilitate it. It enables you to create static or dynamic lists, design a marketing campaign via email, SMS, letter or telesales list, set your budget and measure the results.

The right CRM tools will help you...

Get a complete & up-to-date view of all your customer interactions from a single, centralised database
  • Facilitate instant communication to customers using templates for letters/emails/texts, edited to each specific interaction
  • Find, attract and win new clients whilst nurturing and retaining existing ones
  • Support critical business processes by delivering relevant, timely & accurate information to the right people at the right time
  • Get a comprehensive view of your organisation’s pipeline, orders, potential revenue & other KPIs
Business Intelligence Software

Intact's built-in business intelligence offers complete & accurate information with powerful on-screen analysis & reporting for critical business decisions

Gathering, storing, analysing and accessing information is critical to an organisation’s success. With this in mind we have built-in business intelligence capabilities throughout the system, not simply as an additional module.

Intact’s business intelligence enables you to completely micro-manage your business with an impressive set of system-wide features.  It’s all in the software, integrated anywhere that makes sense; you just need to decide what you want to do with it.

On-the-spot decision making software

Regardless of what your role is in your business, having information on-the-spot or at the point of need is crucial to the execution of your job. It also has a direct impact on the profitability of your company. Intact’s powerful business intelligence ensures the right people have access to the right information at the right time to enable effective decision making.
Fully integrated eCommerce solution

The Intact Webshop is the quickest and most cost-effective way to get a fully integrated e-commerce website for your business. Businesses today are increasingly looking to eCommerce to increase sales, maximise resources and streamline processes. The Intact eCommerce B2B module web-enables your accounting software and has everything you need to sell online.

The Intact Webshop offers...
  • Full integration with your Intact accounting software
  • Full historical order history
  • Individual customer pricing applied
  • Easy to use CMS and more...

It will even enforce credit control rules so customers cannot go over their credit limit.
Fully Integrated ePOS Solution

Intact is ideal in an environment where there is a mixture of credit & retail business typically in hardware stores, plumbing, electrical, bathroom showrooms, general stores, tiles as well as any other retail outlets.

We understand the importance of being able to process cash/credit sales at the point of sale. One of the main features that allows speed of transaction processing is the ability to scan in product item bar codes which brings in full product descriptions and pricing details. Once the task of entering in the product information is complete, the system does the rest. We realise that every single ePOS system we install has different requirements and so we tailor each system to suit your particular needs.  The software can also be used across a number of stores with effective distribution control to allow stock levels at each store to be monitored.

Intact's fully integrated ePOS system will....
  • Facilitate an effective cash and credit sales business.
  • Improve profit margins through own comprehensive pricing matrix option.
  • Improve customer service, as speed at service desk is increased.
  • Reduce staff training as the system has an easy to follow interface.
  • Offer a multi-store ePOS system which provides the option to centralise all stock.
  • Enable you to view profitability/transactions at all stores for any period at any time.
For complete job and project cost management

Intact iQ's fully integrated Job Costing Module is ideal for engineering companies, contractors, builders, professional services, consultants & architects

For any order-specific or project-based business, managing revenue and cost is imperative. From simple job tracking to extremely complex requirements, the Intact Job Costing module provides an affordable way to maximise your resources and tightly control each job.

If micromanaging every aspect of your jobs and projects is vital to your business, our fully integrated job costing will enable you to control everything from quotes to budget right through to profitability analysis and variance reporting. It incorporates product pricing, non-stocked/text items, labour costs, job costing, job profitability, customer relations, full credit control, live P & L, live WIP (work in progress) and accounts – to name just a few.

Benefits of Intact Job Costing Module
  • Seamlessly integrates with all aspects of the Intact system thereby avoiding data duplication
  • Efficiently track costs/revenue for every stage of a job/project  
  • Real time view of detailed job costs, outstanding PO commitments, invoices, payments and job profitability
  • Detailed, summary or mixed invoice layouts
  • Know which stages of a job/project are running to budget and thereby facilitating proactive control
  • Enhance future estimating on jobs and projects
  • Attach drawings, estimates and specification documents to jobs/projects
  • Assign cost to bill of materials – manufacturing costs to stock items

Job Costing Highlights
  • Accommodates full life cycle of a project - Project, job and stage level costing and revenue recording and analysis
  • Complete access to all correspondence - Accumulate correspondence & attached files to job or project
  • User Customisation - Unlimited customisable user fields (optional and mandatory - you decide the rules)
  • Full descriptions permitted - Assign budget hours and material costs to each job stage with descriptions

Job costing features
Supports internal jobs, warranty jobs and research projects
  • Supports fixed price, cost plus, time and materials  
  • Assign budget hours & material costs to each job stage with descriptions  
  • Role based information presentation and personalisation  
  • Pivot and summarise large amounts of information  
  • In-built advanced report writer  
  • Automated & scheduled reporting
  • Work type cost/actual cost/up-lifted cost
Fully Integrated Mobile Solutions

Embrace the power of business mobility

Business environments are changing dramatically and with an explosion of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, working from remote locations is now easier than ever before. Intact fully embraces mobility in business for increasing productivity, accelerating decision making, boosting profitability and improving customer satisfaction.

Mobile Sales Reps
Whether on the road or at a customer site, empower your sales reps with the ability to view customers details and history, place orders, view quotes and generally improve customer interactions.

Mobile Warehouse Solution
The Intact ‘Mobile Warehouse Solution’ also allows you to embrace the advances in modern hand held technology to automate previously labour intensive warehouse tasks.  Carry out stock takes, stock adjustments and purchase orders all on the go.

Key benefits of Intact's mobile stock take solution

Mobile stock taking is an efficient and accurate process for managing stock takes

Intact's mobile warehouse solution is designed to automate the processes of today’s busy warehouses and distribution centres. It embraces advances in modern hand held technology to enable you to automate previously labour intensive warehouse tasks. Mobile stock control within your warehouse can dramatically increase your time efficiency and data accuracy and ultimately improve your bottom line.

10 key benefits of Intact's Mobile Stock Take...
  • It simplifies your stock taking processes
  • Raise productivity and efficiency whilst lowering labour and administration costs
  • Fully integrates with Intact Accounting & Business Management Software
  • Undertake partial stock checks more frequently
  • Lower stock handling costs by putting real-time data in the hands of your warehouse staff
  • Improve stock accuracy and stock holding
  • Easily track items as they are received, stored, picked and shipped
  • Automatically update stock records in real time by connecting handheld devices to your system via WiFi.
  • Gain confidence in your stock counts so you can keep less stock on hand and lower your carrying costs.
  • Reduce errors and bottlenecks by using bar code scanning for accurate data capture to quickly prepare products for staging and shipping.

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